Thursday, December 30, 2010


My new fav site. Picnik allows you to create your own headers or change your pictures etc. I was able to crop pics and add text after putting it into a collage, since I seem to be somewhat html challenged I think it is pretty cool. Not so sure why html escapes me, I probably just don't care enough to invest the time to learn...maybe someday.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Evergreen State College

Love this school. We went to Olympia mid-week for Chad to take some tests for work. What a delightful area and a gorgeous campus nestled in the middle of the the forest. I did take a bunch of pictures but of course left my cord at house, so these have been pirated from google.

We booked a room at the Red Lion and LOVE IT! First floor, king sized bed, with a sliding glass door that goes out into a big lawn just off of a small lake and the swimming pool area. How cool is that! Also they allow dogs so we were able to bring the pups who are loving the non-snow walks and more green grass then they can cover in a week. We tromped all over campus checking out their soccer fields and outdoor facilities and made sure we knew where Chad needed to go tomorrow to take his tests.

Looking forward Trader Joe's tomorrow and to a hopefully peaceful/non-snowy drive back over the pass.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Our Moving truck 25 ft and a car trailer...way too long, we have way too much stuff!

After over three long months of moving we are finally kind of settled in Yakima. I am not sure I have recovered from packing the house and being separated from my honey, but this last few weeks of tons of time with him has really helped! We are so thankful for the blessing of two good jobs in this struggling job market and know that it is all thanks to our Heavenly Father. We just need to sell our house and get a lot more patience...

So want this Nativity!!

We have had a great Christmas break we have gone to a few movies, spoken in church, done some Christmas shopping, been out to eat and learned some things about are new little town. This Christmas Eve we went to see the lights in the area and it is amazing how much work some people have done on their homes! I can't wait to make our own attempt next year! After 12 years of marriage I think this is our first Christmas just by ourselves and not someones guests, I know we are weird and even though we don't have kids (since apparently that is when you get to have your own Christmas...)it has been really fun to have a chance to start our own traditions.

One here's to one more week off of work and to a happy new year! Lots of love to all our of our families and friends we are a little homesick and miss you all!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Days

Conference weekend was amazing! I am so thankful we are led and guided by a Prophet who listens to the Lord! We are so blessed. I had a wonderful weekend in Yakima with Chad and the pups. I left on Thursday and Chad picked me up from the Yakima airport and we drove out to the high school to watch a Soccer game and I was able to meet all the wonderful people that make Highland our new little home.

All along I have been worried that this could possibly not be the right fit and my honey would be disappointed, see we had a great deal at American Fork, amazing friends, teachers and even more amazing students. I guess I would refer to them as the cream of the crop, thanks to many amazing programs such as drama and choir we have been able to rub shoulder with some of the best. After this weekend, I really think that Highland could be just like AF, different, but a new fresh and shiny apple start with many different opportunities for both Chad and I to grow.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still in limbo, moving from day to day in denial I suppose...denial that I am actually leaving my family and our sweet friends and starting over, new life, job, location, and hopefully new home some day.

Don't forget we are having another Open House on Saturday from 1-4, we have lowered the price to $169 and are leaving all kinds of stuff, it's a great deal, tell you friends!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just can't get enough...

Ice Cream...also known as Therapy. See I used to think I consumed a moderate every once in a while amount of ice cream, then you take the spouse away, the constant companion puppies, and add a for sale sign in your front yard, stress, and a job that is beyond frustrating...and all of the sudden you can easily replace dinner with moon pie flavored ice cream. I don't even like Moon Pies! Just thought it was Big Bang, Mee Maw funny...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Voice of the Spirit

I could listen this a hundred times. Oh how I miss President Faust! His patient, loving voice breaks through the chaos of a busy overwhelming day. I'm fighting against the lump in my throat and the enormous desire to jump in the car and drive the 11 hours to my sweetheart. He's overwhelmed, exhausted and very much in need of a partner to share his load with, thats me...and I'm very much feeling like I am wasting my time in Lehi. Thankfully I know his parents are amazing and are super capable at picking up the pieces that he cannot get to, and I am so thankful he has their assistance.